About Us

Striker Jewels is an eCommerce startup specializing in the purchase and sale of fine jewelry tools, the gem trade, and precious stones. In recent years, the jewelry market has absolutely exploded, and people who call themselves professional jewelers, gem specialists, or metalworkers require a reliable and dependable marketplace where they can source the products and tools that they need to continue practicing their trade.

For us, we’re proud to serve as their primary online jewel trade marketplace by providing a comprehensive, one stop shop solution to all of their needs.

Our Story

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, Striker Jewels is well on its way to achieving that and more. We are an eCommerce start-up enterprise that specializes in the purchase and sale of quality precious stones and fine jewelry tools – meeting all requirements and expectations of businesses and individuals in the gem trade.

Recent years have seen an exponential growth in the jewelry market, which indirectly created the demand for gemstones and precision tools. Promoted by specialists who have hands-on experience with gems and the gem trade, Striker Jewels has the experience and the know-how to meet all the new-age demands of the industry.

We provide a reliable and secure market place for professional jewelers, gem specialists and metalworkers to conveniently source quality products at competitive prices. Our expert buyersvisit major gem markets across the globe, andbuy directly from screened and trusted sources.

Product & Services

From The Mines To The Market, The Cost-Saving Is Yours!

Are you looking to get your hands on high-quality and affordable gemstones,jewelry tools or precious stones? If so, you’ve come to the right place.Browse through our online catalogue and confidently make your first purchase with us today! Without a doubt, the beauty and shine of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum can be accentuated when set with sparkling gemstones. Our specialty is sourcing and stocking natural and calibrated coloured gemstones that are most in demand, and we ensure availability at all times.

If you’re looking for the perfect tool to help you fix an old jewelry piece or new equipment that can leverage cutting-edge crafting technology,Striker Jewels has what you’re looking for. And if you have a special request,feel free to contact us directly and speak to one of our specialists.We’d be more than happy to do what we can to offer a solution that suits you best.


When evaluating a gemstone, color contributes to almost 50% of its value. Carat weight, cut and purity directly affect the color of a gemstone.


Gemstones can be found in a variety of shapes and can be fashioned into different cuts to highlight the true colour and brilliance of the gem.


Calibrated gemstones are not custom-cut, but cut to standard commercial measurements that can be accommodated by common jewelry mountings and settings.

Natural Gems, Natural Beauty

Natural gemstonesare amazing miracles of nature – raw crystals that need to be enhanced or treated to highlight their beauty, rarity and durability. The wide array of colors, shapes and sizes that can manifest from raw stones are an absolute visual treat. Many of these gems are rarer, yet more affordable than diamonds.


Natural Vs Lab Gemstones

Natural gemstones have their own intrinsic value, while lab created stones are identical in properties but have fewer flaws, and cost less, making them a good choice for those who don’t have deep pockets and those who wish to practice making jewelry.

Excellent Craftsmanship

The skilled techniques applied by cutters and jewelersto raw gemstones heightens the intrinsic value of the stone, and extraordinary craftsmanship can be attained only with precision tools made from quality material.


Quality Standard

Our quality standards differentiate us from the average gemstone retailer. We do not sell gemstones that have undergone treatments that are not accepted by leading industry organizations.We do not compromise quality to offer a cost benefit.

Online Platform

Find the gemstone you’re looking for from the comfort of your home or workplace. Choose by colour, shape and calibration and you will find just the kind you need. Be rest assured, ours is a safe and secure platform for online purchases.