Royal blue. Breathtakingly brilliant. Stone of wisdom. That’s right… we’re talking about one of the ‘big three gems’ – the splendid Sapphire!
Though diamonds have taken over the over the world as ‘a girl’s best friend’, the royal Sapphire makes a trending comeback with its popularity as engagement rings. Today, it’s plain to see that what was once the stone of the ‘nobility’, is now the most sought-after stone of the ‘celebrity’! Walking the red carpet in gorgeous gowns, accentuated with the contrasting hue of big bold Sapphire jewellery makes a style statement like no other!
Royal Blue Transcends Cultures & Eras
Tracing the history of this celebrated precious gem, it is evident that the Sapphire has been hailed as the ‘royal stone’ since time in memoriam. In fact, there was a time in history when Blue Sapphires could only be worn by royalty and clergymen, distinguishing them from the common man, who was not permitted to wear them.
Across different cultures and time periods, the Blue Sapphire has made its presence felt. In biblical times, Abraham and King Solomon were supposed to have worn Sapphire talismans signifying protection from evil, good fortune and spiritual wisdom. Kings and nobility also wore Sapphire rings for its powers of judgement and insight.
The Greeks wore Sapphire when they sought answers from the Oracle at Delphi, while the Hindus used these precious gems as offerings in temple worship seeking to align their astrological stars. Buddhists, on the other hand, believed Sapphire would inspire spiritual enlightenment, that would help them understand the ‘four noble truths’.
Vibrant Hues Of The Iridescent Sapphire
Sapphires belong to the same mineral family as Rubies, and derive their blue color from a combination of iron and titanium.
‘Royal Blue’ is a rich and very saturated blue that is highly coveted in Asian markets, while the velvety ‘Cornflower Blue’ is available in light and intense shades, and more sought-after in the US and Europe.
And that’s not all… Sapphire is also naturally formed in vibrant pastel hues including yellow, peach, orange, pink, violet, purple, green, white, grey and black – practically a rainbow in disguise. The different shades of ‘Fancy Sapphires’ are caused by varying amounts and combinations of titanium, iron and chromium.
Sri Lanka has traditionally been the main source of fancy Sapphires and is home to the famous ‘Padparadscha Sapphire’ (means ‘lotus flower’ in Sinhalese), which is a very rare, delicate blend of orange and red.
These shades of Sapphire that reflect seasonal hues, give jewellery designers the liberty to unleash their creativity combining, colours, cuts and facets to fashion stunning creations!
Sapphire & The Stars
In astrology, Blue Sapphire is believed to possess energetic vibrations of the planet Saturn and should ideally be worn by people for whom Saturn is favourably placed in the natal chart. Wearing this stone is believed to help tap into your inner strength and magnify your self-confidence. It’s no wonder that many celebrities choose to wear Blue Sapphires in the hope that it will help them achieve success in their chosen fields.
Sapphire’s Tri-Fold Healing Energies
Blue Sapphire has tremendous physical healing qualities. It has been used to cure eye infections, relieve headaches, manage thyroid/gland-related issues, vertigo imbalances and even insomnia. It is also considered useful in treating dementia and degenerative diseases.
Sapphire is also known to alleviate depression, calm the mind and strengthen the will to focus on the positives and restore balance in your body. Star Sapphires are great healing crystals for those who need to enhance their self-confidence and be secure in their own thoughts and opinions.
Blue Sapphire also stimulates the Throat Chakra, which is akin to a central valve that allows an easy flow of energy within the body and mind. When the throat chakra is aligned with the rest of the chakras, you will find the confidence to express yourself and effectively communicate what you want to say.
The Sapphire is a multi-hued, multi-faceted, multi-purpose stone and getting to know the stone better is sure to make you fall in love with it.

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